UX-Led Dashboards

October 21, 2020

Rocos makes it easy to create dashboards to display the data your robots are generating, in a simple way that makes sense to your operations and technical teams.

Visualize Your Robots' Data

Rocos dashboards use widgets to visualize live data from your robot. Widgets are bound to data values through Data URIs which are used to identify the specific source of telemetry data on the robot you want to display.

  • A variety of chart widgets allow you to display numerical, text and time series data in widgets such as donut graphs and line charts.
  • The Image widget supports receiving raw image data in compressed format over a teleop stream. As long as the browser can support the image format you’re sending (e.g. JPG, PNG) you’ll see the images show up in the dashboard.
  • The Video widget gives you the ability to connect to a camera on the robot and stream video using low-latency, peer-to-peer connectivity. Using the video component in the Rocos agent, you can configure gstreamer pipelines remotely and feed h264 video streams over the Rocos peer to peer networking rails to the browser.
  • The Custom widget gives users the ability to create a fully customized widget by writing their own HTML/CSS/JS code.

Creating a custom dashboard to display your data intuitively is easy, thanks to our dashboard layout system.

Layout Grid

Using a grid system provides greater control over the placement of dashboard widgets so that you can create the most optimal layout for your use case. Plus, all of our widgets are resizable to give your data the space it needs based on your priorities!


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