The Road to DroneDeploy Conference 2020: A Closer Look at Rogers-O'Brien

October 9, 2020

In the lead-up to DroneDeploy Conference 2020, we're highlighting some of our conference speaker's drone programs and the benefits they've seen through implementing DroneDeploy. Register for DroneDeploy Conference to hear more from Rogers-O'Brien and the latest about their program.

Even the most seasoned architecture, engineering, and construction firms struggle to avoid project delays and cost overages, while simultaneously improving operations. Effective communication and collaboration across teams is also crucial, with construction companies constantly in search of new, innovative ways to overcome such challenges. Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO), a leading general contractor in Texas, found their competitive edge in the form of drone technology. By utilizing drones and DroneDeploy, the company saved time, increased efficiency, and avoided costly budget overruns.

Drone imagery has saved us thousands of man-hours in being more accurate across sites as we build.

- James Holmes, VDC Specialist, Rogers-O'Brien Construction

Construction workers at Rogers-O'Brien in San Antonio, Texas.
Photo Credit: Rogers-O'Brien Construction

The Session

Holmes will be speaking at DroneDeploy Conference on the panel, "What Future Construction Job Sites Will Look Like," which will explore how current construction customers are utilizing drones, 360 cameras, and other hardware to help increase productivity on their job sites. Holmes will be joined by Ryan Hittie, Innovation Specialist at Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the nation's largest general contractors, as well as Ben Stocker, Construction Technologist at Skender, a leading construction firm based in Chicago. The breakout session will take place on Wednesday, October 14th at 9:45 AM PDT.

The panelists will discuss the vast benefits of smart contracts and outline cutting-edge resource management approaches for general contractors. You’ll learn how they've leveraged Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), robotics, and automation to transform their job sites.

We hope you'll join us to hear more from Rogers-O'Brien, Brasfield & Gorrie, and Skender as they discuss the ways they envision the future of construction job sites at DroneDeploy Conference 2020!

Register today for DroneDeploy Conference 2020 to hear more from Rogers-O'Brien and their drone program, and in the meantime, watch our webinar on leveraging drone technology through the construction lifecycle.

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