Solving Documentation Problems for Construction: Track Project Progress Without Compromise

July 22, 2021

As a construction professional, you know the challenges of working with cross-functional teams. Whether delegating tasks to tradesmen, verifying work done by technicians, or checking in with subcontractors, significant tradeoffs have to be made in order to get the job done. And with a host of competing priorities across multiple projects, additional sacrifices are made to approve RFIs, submit billing, and schedule site walks at the end of the day.

At DroneDeploy, we believe that the future of construction is digital - and that by centralizing your documentation, you’ll realize a multitude of time and cost savings. Let's examine how job site insights provided by drone imagery empower greater communication and progress tracking for project managers.

Treasure Island Progress Video Plan
Share progress videos, 3D models, & other visual media in one click.

A Variety of Visual Media

Traditional methods of progress tracking dictate that workers on-site are responsible for taking photos, manually measuring stockpiles, and recording data in whatever format they know how. Typically, this is done on paper and measured against historical records at a later date. From this process, one can see how information gets lost in the shuffle, but drone technology provides a quicker, smoother, better way to get the same tasks done – at a fraction of the time.

Instead of undertaking intensive physical labor, workers can pilot automated, repeatable drone flights to discover issues unseen by the naked eye and upload this information into the given project folder of their DroneDeploy account. Not only does this speed up multiple-hour site walks, but it also provides a variety of visual media - think panoramas, 3D models, orthomosaics, and thermal imagery – that project managers can then use to send site updates to stakeholders.

Walk your entire site using any 360 camera, upload, process with DroneDeploy to create a virtual walkthrough
Expedite interior inspections with 360 Walkthrough.

An All-in-One Solution for Construction

To further centralize documentation, we encourage you to browse our list of construction integrations that bring total site reality to each member of your project. Whether using Bluebeam, PlanGrid, Procore, or Autodesk BIM 360, DroneDeploy works with your current software to streamline operations and bring context to every job. In most cases, these integrations also cut down on platform usage, as DroneDeploy maps can either be viewed on top of or in conjunction with your site drawings. Our 360 Virtual Walkthrough solution provides even more viewpoints for stakeholders with complete interior inspections and in-app progress reporting.

Insights supplied by drone imagery expedite the construction lifecycle with referenceable, data-driven proof of work done. With numerous instances of visual media at your fingertips, project managers can notify stakeholders, subcontractors, and workers on-site of issues and areas of concern. Often, this can be done almost immediately, with updates pushed by our integration partners. Users will simply have to log in to their app to view such changes.

With less time spent on locating critical project documents, project managers get valuable hours back to respond to client or technician questions, approve worker requests, and overall, review their other projects. After importing your historical records into DroneDeploy and centralizing your communication in our platform, you’ll find it hard to believe that you ever relied on paper.

If you’re interested in using DroneDeploy for your construction projects, watch our webinar on how site reality and visual data enhance the construction lifecycle or contact us.

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