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One Centralized Visual Data Platform in Construction

November 24, 2020

No matter how good a software solution is, if it's only being used by a few people or one team - its value is quite limited. The most indispensable solutions are those that provide tangible value, but do so for a range of use cases across departments. These solutions tear down silos, while building communication and efficiency - crucial considerations in industries that have numerous dependencies across teams.

The complexity of projects, the numerous stakeholders, and the tradition of siloed work environments make integrated solutions crucial in construction. A seemingly small design change or mistake in measurement can have significant ramifications for the physical and functional design—impacting project scope, schedule, and budget. BIM was designed to give architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure with a comprehensive view of the project. BIM provides a valuable and tangible view into all facets of the construction design.

If planning is integrated in one solution, so too should the platform that captures reality. The solution that creates drone maps, models, and analytics should likewise be able to capture all facets of reality on the job site. To that end, DroneDeploy drives visibility across all facets of the construction lifecycle, from pre-construction to handoff, and delivers both aerial and ground-views of structures. Moreover, it serves drone pilots as well as the administrators of drone programs.

DroneDeploy unifies aerial and ground-based visual data, bringing together different data sets to provide the smartest and most comprehensive insights for any team. These teams can collaborate anywhere with DroneDeploy, as they annotate, comment, and connect through an interactive and up-to-date visual record of projects. Colleagues can likewise annotate and give feedback and direction viewing maps, models, or reports.

DroneDeploy also takes automation a step further, letting teams automate detection and counting of objects such as stockpiles, trees, cars, and more -- optimizing efficiency and insights. The accuracy of measurements is unprecedented compared to antiquated methods, as teams can precisely measure volume, slope distance, analyze cut and fill, and report materials inventory. The result is that your teams have more accurate data accessible in a fraction of the time it used to take to collect it.

A bird's-eye view of your construction site.

Visual Data for Pre-Construction: Win Bids and Optimize Profitability

DroneDeploy helps general contractors deliver winning bids that optimize profitability. With DroneDeploy, they can:

  • Estimate the costs of projects more precisely with drone surveys & existing site condition analyses
  • Plan sites using high-resolution and recent maps to plan accurately
  • Differentiate bid packets with pre-site condition surveys, aerial imagery, and more precise estimates
A drone flying over a construction site.

Visual Data for Construction: Promote Team Visibility and Accountability

Across projects, DroneDeploy helps general contractors hold teams accountable for running on time, on budget and without safety issues. DroneDeploy’s construction tools include:

  • Drone maps & 360 videos help ensure teams are following proper safety protocols and site conditions are documented
  • Progress reports, an easily, highly digestible deliverable to keep teams aligned
  • Earthworks to help keep subcontractors accountable
  • Reports to highlight any areas interior or exterior that need to be fixed
  • Visual data to help workers deliver high-quality as-builts to owners

Field teams that need to identify and reduce risk faster and more efficiently and align internal and external stakeholders will likewise find value in DroneDeploy with the ability to:

  • Keep stakeholders happy with the latest progress updates
  • Coordinate job sites with aerial and ground-based views in real time
  • Catch costly mistakes early with drawing comparisons
  • Validate subcontractors’ work, keeping them honest with accurate earthwork measurements and as-builts
  • Make change order requests crystal-clear with pictures and other media
DroneDeploy's Annotations.

Visual Data for Construction Project Handoffs: Accelerate Project Timeline

At hand-off, both general contractors and owners benefit. General contractors now deliver high-quality progress updates, driving greater trust between themselves and the owners. When change orders are requested, they can use visual data to explain and keep track of project updates.

DroneDeploy can serve as one source of truth that owners can use to:

  • Immerse themselves into their structures
  • Annotate potential issues
  • Request further inspections clearly
  • Zoom out for an aerial view or zoom in for interior view — all within the same platform.

Any changes can be further documented, eliminating the inefficiencies gained from referencing multiple sources of information. This drives greater efficiency and accelerates project timelines -- key advantages for both general contractors and owners.

DroneDeploy's Drone Operations Management.

DroneDeploy for Drone Program Administrators

Drone program administrators oversee drone programs, manage fleets and pilots, and ensure that drones are being used properly according to both company policy and local ordinances. These administrators make sure pilots are up to date in their licenses, coordinate the use of drones across work sites, and develop company-wide standard operating procedures for pilots.

DroneDeploy's Drone Operations Management features provide a user-friendly dashboard where administrators can manage hundreds of pilots and oversee their fleet in real-time, enabling drones to fly safely and in close proximity to each other. This centralized platform organizes all site data, making it easy to share with decision makers, and allows companies to obtain automated LAANC authorizations -- all the while helping pilots fly safely and compliantly. Drone administrators are able to automate and centralize flight, operations, and compliance across numerous business units and office locations. No matter your industry or the size of your drone program, DroneDeploy empowers administrators to do their job faster and more effectively.

DroneDeploy for Pilots

The DroneDeploy benefits for pilots are unparalleled in the industry. As previously discussed, pilots have the peace of mind knowing they are flying safely and in compliance with all laws, thanks to their Drone Operations Management platform. DroneDeploy, furthermore, works with more drones and cameras than any other drone solution.

Before takeoff, pilots can easily access in-app pre-flight checklists to ensure safety and efficiency. Once airborne, DroneDeploy empowers pilots to easily collect photos, panoramas, videos, and maps to capture plant health, elevation, volume of stockpiles, etc. These flights can be easily switched to between automatic or manual flight to best suit a pilot's needs and ability. Live Maps are generated in real-time, with no SD cards or internet required - enabling real-time assessments and analysis.

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From managing your fleet to helping pilots fly to stitching together your drone imagery and making sense of all visual data, DroneDeploy does it all. It's one transformative platform that's easy to use for all stakeholders. The question isn't: who in your organization would benefit from DroneDeploy, the question is: who wouldn't?

If you’re interested in learning more about how drone data can impact your organization, read some of our customer success stories, or watch our webinar on drones in the age of automation.

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