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Global Construction Leaders Rely on Drones

April 18, 2019

They've been able to harness the standard features within DroneDeploy and focus them for specific clients needs and workflows. Multivista regularly bridges communication gaps in projects by speeding up the sharing of information from the job site trailer to the main office.

Multivista is an industry-leading construction photo and video documentation company. They offer UAV mapping services, which are powered by DroneDeploy. Their clients and other DroneDeploy customers know that by using interactive 3D maps of your job sites, you gain unprecedented ability to instantly view, measure, and manage your project.

DroneDeploy is their map engine processing partner, so they're able to benefit from ongoing advancements in the processing, speed, and quality of mapping, which never stops. Brian says, "[mapping] continually impresses me and our clients... the accuracy, how good looking the imagery is, and the models."

This first-of-its-kind combination of professional UAV services and integrated software is currently available to Multivista clients across 50 metropolitan markets in North America, South America and Europe, with expansion efforts underway.

Without DD there probably would not be a Multivista software. This partnership helps solves problems that that our customers are asking to solve.
Brian Smith, Product Manager, Multivista Software

Multivista uses everything from cameras, laser scanners and UAVs to offer full job site documentation. They're able to capture the perspective you can only get with a UAV.

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