Manage Drone Data Across Teams with DroneDeploy’s Collaboration and Admin Tools

November 3, 2017

The ability to quickly process, manage, and share drone data anywhere — on any device — is one of the key benefits to using a cloud platform like DroneDeploy.

We’re willing to bet you’re not the only one who will use drone data in your company. That’s why we’ve made it simple to share the aerial data you collect, process, and analyze with DroneDeploy.

Today we’re going to look at the newest tools available on the DroneDeploy platform and discuss how you put them to use for better collaboration with the pilots, analysts, and decision makers on your team.

Keep Your Team Organized with Folders

You no longer need to scroll through hundreds of maps to find the one you’re looking for — instead you can sort them into folders for easy navigation. Create a folder, and add maps to it. It’s that simple.

Folders make organization and navigation easy

Not only do folders make it easier to navigate maps and stay organized, but they also make sharing projects and plans easier too.

Let’s say you have a construction site that you’re mapping multiple times a week. You probably want to share those maps with your team or client, right?.

Now you can create a folder for that site and share it with the project team. Then each map made made of that site is housed in the folder. Once you do this, the whole team automatically gets access — without the need to individually share each map with your team. This saves time and makes collaboration simple across projects.

Folders can also be used to organize your workflows more effectively. If you work in insurance, you’re likely flying a different site for each claim. And organizing by workflow makes the most sense. Maybe you would have a folder for the stage where the inspector plans the flight — then your drone program coordinator might review it — before delegating it to pilots, QA, or other team members.

Check out a short demo of folders below. Folders are now available to all DroneDeploy customers.

DroneDeploy’s Admin Panel makes team management simple

DroneDeploy’s New Admin Panel Simplifies Team Management

As more people become involved in your drone operation and generate more data, managing those people becomes a bigger challenge. It can be tough to keep track of your pilots—and the mapping data they create.

Large organizations need to keep track of the data they are generating, as well as safety issues and data breaches. That’s why we created our new Admin Panel.

DroneDeploy’s new Admin Panel

Manage Security Settings

Using the Admin Panel, you can add and remove users from your account, manage permissions, and require Single Sign On (SSO) to keep your data secure. Who’s authorized to fly? Who should have edit access or view-only access? This new tool makes it easy to assign permissions, so you can be sure your data is safe, and shared with the right people.

Keep Track of Important Account Activity

Our new tool makes it simple to keep track of any activity that takes place on your account. Who’s flying? When did they collect data? Who’s uploading and analyzing that data? Now you have all the answers right at your fingertips. You’re able to see when new data is created, or deleted.

Maintain Visibility Across Your Organization

What good is data if you can’t access it quickly? The Admin panel gives you instant visibility into your company’s mapping data. It’s never been easier to quickly scan all of your flight plans and maps — and see who has access to the data.

These rollouts make it easy to track hundreds of pilots and collaborators at a glance — seeing where they have flown, the routes they have mapped, and the data they have gathered and analyzed. Check out the Admin Panel in action below.

The Admin Panel becomes available for all DroneDeploy Business and Enterprise customers starting the week of November 6th, 2017.

Share Maps, Models, and Annotations Externally with One-Click Public Sharing

In addition to folders, we’ve also made it easy to share individual maps with just a single click.

Now you can share a complete view-only map with a client, external partner, or someone else who does not have a DroneDeploy account. Simply click the “Share” button, copy the link, and share it with whomever you choose

Map sharing

Before, a client that clicked a link to view a shared map would see only the specific map layer shared with them. To see the complete map, the client would need to create and login to a DroneDeploy account.

Map sharing

Now sharing a map via link will give the viewer complete view-only access to the map, including the ability to:

  • See the satellite base layer
  • Explore all layers of the map, including the 2D orthomosaic, 3D model, elevation map, and plant health
  • View any annotations or measurements on the map
  • View and toggle any overlays attached to the map
  • View and export any existing exports that the map owner has already generated

Did you know that you can include your company’s logo on any map you share with a client? Check out our support center to learn more about this and other sharing options or give us feedback on the forum.

Public sharing is now available to all DroneDeploy customers.

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