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How to Perform Site Planning and Logistics Checks with DroneDeploy

May 29, 2020

With numerous construction sites and workspaces re-opening in the coming weeks, there are extra emphases on site-planning and logistics processes. In construction, mining, and energy industries, workers rely on proper site design and inventory management to ensure efficient, safe, and on-schedule jobs. While this work is traditionally subject to human error, drone technology takes the guesswork out of these operations and expedites them. In this article, we’ll discuss how DroneDeploy assists those on the ground through every stage of a project.


Equipment Delivery, Placement, and Condition

Pivotal to the schedule of the project is that the equipment arrives on time and unbroken. Accurate site planning is imperative when assuring equipment is in the correct spot. In this case, DroneDeploy’s Inspection Workflow can accurately capture the whole site to make site design and drop-off locations easy to plan. Annotations is another useful tool to pinpoint exact locations and calculate distance, elevation, area, or volume. These precise measurements – rendered by drone technology – capture difficult-to-see images in a fraction of the time it would have taken on foot.


Paths for Trucking and Hauling

Planning trucking routes for hauling jobs is another required logistical task. Determining how many (if any) trucks can fit on one road, road grading, and elevation changes are all necessary before workers get on-site. With Measurements, project managers can evaluate the width and grade of those pathways after just one sweep of the site with a drone. Elevation layers simplify this further by allowing the user to view set ranges, intensities, or depths of elevation per project. This information saves both time and resources resulting from improper site planning or misplaced routes.


Site Construction and Planning

How much earth needs to be moved? How do current site conditions compare to the original site design? These are common questions in the site construction and planning stage. Using DroneDeploy tools, including Earthworks, Cut/Fill Analysis, and Side-by-Side, workers can get answers quickly and cost-effectively. These tools help visualize measurements and map elevations. Additionally, our integrations with Autodesk BIM 360 and Procore seamlessly blend in-app to enable design plan overlays for comparison.


Material Inventory

Lastly, insights gleaned from drone imagery can assist with material inventory. Whether determining the needed materials for a project, their location, or the projected production, drones are valuable in this effort. While the Earthworks and Cut/Fill tools can aid with this, Stockpile Reports provide a complete record of stockpile materials. Having this information on-hand also ensures the appropriate amount of materials on-site, and helps limit waste.

No matter the stage of your project, DroneDeploy’s site planning tools can help your organization save time, money, and resources lost in inefficient site design or misplaced equipment. When exact locations of stockpiles and truck routes are easily accessible, projects stay on schedule and maintain profitability. If you’re interested in learning more, read some of our customer success stories or cut right to the chase and start a free trial. Need more time? Download our 2020 State of the Drone Market report.

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