How Sales Agronomists use DroneDeploy to Boost Product Value

September 4, 2020

Sales agronomy is a key factor when establishing trust with farming customers. Dually operating under sales and support roles, sales agronomists provide well-backed advice and expertise to assist those looking for advice on agriculture technology and the newest products on the market. No matter if they’re conducting product trials or surveying field-side, the data sets and services that they provide to growers result in long-lasting relationships. With the continual rise of drone technology in agriculture, we explore how DroneDeploy helps these experts improve client relations and influence industry awareness.

DroneDeploy helps seed and chemical manufacturers monitor and analyze plant health.
DroneDeploy's agriculture tools provide detailed insights into plant health.

Facilitating Conversations Field-Side

To demonstrate product effectiveness or perform field evaluations, sales agronomists can fly their client’s selected area and create a Live Map with DroneDeploy. These real-time insights produce data immediately, so agronomists can look at the map while still in the field with their farmer and spur conversations. Facilitating these conversations while in the field leads to quicker issue discovery and timely resolution.

Plant Health Live Map powers high-resolution, precise insights on field variability, so farmers can rest assured that they’re receiving a comprehensive view of their fields. With Thermal Live Map, wet spots and drainage issues can be easily identified and troubleshooted. Pinpointing areas where the crop didn’t emerge well or troubling spots open the conversation to product recommendations and new seed hybrids.

Monitoring Variability

Tracking field changes via processed drone imagery is essential to quantifying field damage and making recommendations for these problems. With continual flights, owners can track affected areas’ progress undergoing various treatment solutions and see how they’re responding. Side-by-side comparisons, a DroneDeploy tool, allows sales agronomists to demonstrate the efficacy of recommended products they’ve applied. In a minimal amount of time, Live Map can catch these issues at their early stages, saving time, money, and yield in the process. Using Annotations on processed maps further quantifies exact damage.

Conducting Product Trials

Seeing how certain products perform in different environments is essential for conducting an accurate product trial. Drone data makes this process simpler by using multispectral imagery to highlight variability between products. Determining which products performed the best under set conditions is much easier to see with a multispectral aerial map versus estimating results field-side.

It’s clear that sales agronomists play a pivotal role in liaising between farmer and product technology. Industry expertise, agronomic decision-making, and thoughtful strategic planning help customers make the most informed product choice. DroneDeploy removes other decision barriers by simplifying product evaluations and field analysis. If you’re interested in learning more about how DroneDeploy can help your organization, read some of our agriculture articles, or watch our webinar on alleviating farming challenges with drone data.

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