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Harnessing the power of annotations for logistics planning

September 26, 2023
Conner Jones

For many industries, a top overview of a job site gives a powerful perspective that can be leveraged for planning purposes and oversight. With DroneDeploy, you can utilize annotations to create a logistics plan over your drone map. DroneDeploy creates an easy experience for efficient planning within the platform without having to export the data to another platform.

Digitized layout planning

Many companies may be using a generic mock layout to implement some organization to its operations, but leveraging your drone map that comes with scaled dimensions with annotations done within DroneDeploy, allows you to do it quickly and without the need to export your map to another CAD-like software. 

DroneDeploy's location planning in the “Explore” view is available both on desktop and mobile devices iPads and iPhones, making annotation tools very accessible for office planning and field operations. The way to do it is to use a combination of the square annotation, radius, and lines, which, together with the rotations and copy button, makes it a very efficient work flow. 

Clicking on the square and drawing it in your map will open its specifications on the left hand side. That left window menu will show you its width and length and also allow you to type a specific number for the dimensions. Above that, you will have the familiar options: naming the shape, changing the color, and above that, you can copy and then paste on the map the square. This can be done with the other annotations also and the copy function will allow you to quickly reproduce the same annotation over and over.

These annotations are very useful for creating an operations plan for logistics in many types of activities for example:

  • Laydown areas for deliveries in a construction site, 
  • Crane radius planning in construction and oil and gas,
  • Oil and gas planning for developing a well site (Rig drilling planning, frac location, etc).
  • Path of ingress and egress, safety areas, muster areas, 
  • Sloping for safety evaluation.
  • Define trailer area.

Streamline layout planning and boost efficiency with DroneDeploy

Having the availability to create these plans within DroneDeploy in your office or at the field quickly, can save you time by eliminating the need to export data to other more complicated software, there is no special software proficiency required when using this tools in DroneDeploy, anyone can get it done. With this simplicity, you can plan multiple plans effectively, and plan different scenarios for finding the absolute best layout for your location. Locations planned carefully can improve operations significantly with benefits that compound over time.

Learn how DroneDeploy can expand your asset management workflow in our Reality Capture Playbook: Oil and Gas Edition.

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Conner Jones
Conner Jones
Content Marketing Manager

Conner Jones currently manages content marketing at DroneDeploy. Conner helps tell the DroneDeploy story across a wide array of social and web channels, showcasing the power of drones and reality capture in a diverse range of industries.

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