DroneDeploy’s Flight Services: What You Need To Know

March 6, 2020

A subset of Professional Services, DroneDeploy’s Flight Services, elevates your business with on-demand drone data collection. With the push of a button, you can have a pilot and drone dispatched to your site, flown according to your specifications, processed, and delivered in your DroneDeploy account within days. To perform for our customers, we’ve partnered with the world’s best flight service providers to ensure best-in-class service and data. Globally, we provide well-vetted pilots, training, and industry-specific hardware to fit your organization’s unique needs.

The Perks of DroneDeploy

The Perks of DroneDeploy

With a diverse customer base like ours, we’ve seen everything when it comes to flight requirements. While some companies opt to train their employees themselves, others lack the time or resources to do so. Depending on the size of your organization, it can take considerable reach to manage these employees, source new pilots, or fully staff every site. DroneDeploy provides a tailored solution to these problems by controlling the workflow end-to-end. By letting us focus on your drone operations, you can focus on what your core business needs.

DroneDeploy Flight Services by Region

Global Coverage

DroneDeploy is currently available in 5 continents, with new countries always added upon request. With our partners, we’ve spent years understanding global aviation regulations and can guarantee your drone flight will comply with local guidelines. In conjunction with this, we offer comprehensive pricing and assure standard, repeatable deliverables regardless of location.

Pilot Vetting

Pilot Vetting

Comprised of flight service veterans, our Professional Services team has been managing drone operations for over 15 years. Since each industry has specific procedures that need to be followed on-site, our pilots are vetted for safety, professionalism, capabilities, and equipment. Furthermore, all pilots have undergone background checks, hold liability insurance, and have demonstrated the ability to fly safely through test missions and equipment checks before visiting your site. For more elaborate or industry-specific flight plans, we provide a custom training process based on your order.

Depending on your industry, individual adjustments can also be implemented in processes and presentation. For example, real estate pilots dress in business-casual, understand day-to-day activities of commercial properties, and are well-versed in talking points for neighborhood interactions. In the industrial space, pilots wear personal protective equipment, complete site-specific safety orientations, and launch from remote areas of the site. These specifications can also be discussed before your scheduled flight with someone from our Flight Services team.

Data-Driven Results

Data-Driven Results

Our customers have reported an increased ROI as a direct result of utilizing flight services. While not necessary for every team, DroneDeploy is committed to helping our users small and large by determining the best solution for your organization. To date, we’ve already flown missions spanning industries including insurance, construction, engineering, energy, and real estate. To order a flight, follow the steps below.

  1. Reach out to your sales or customer success rep today to try our service
  2. Get this feature enabled on your account
  3. Follow THESE steps to order your first mission

You’ll stay informed throughout every stage of the mission, including when your flight is happening, when the data is processed, and when it’s available for you to review.

Not ready to order yet? Contact us to schedule a consultation with our Professional Services team, or read some of our customer success stories. Need more information? Watch our free webinar with Flight Services, "Ask the Experts LIVE."

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