Build Trust with Owners & Clients Using Comprehensive Progress Reports

August 5, 2020

In our July 2020 Product Release, we announced Enhanced Progress Reports for our Enterprise customers. This new feature transforms the entire process of project documentation, but at its core, it ensures that team members stay informed at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Instead of spending hours on a custom report, users can instead share visual project data within 1 document via email, PDF, or the DroneDeploy app. These reports are filled with visual content, including maps, panoramas, videos, and photos, and are easily accessible by all those involved. Read on for some key use cases in target industries.

DroneDeploy's Enhanced Progress Reports track and document site progress.

Communicating Effectively

Anyone familiar with construction, utilities, or civil engineering knows projects typically involve a host of contractors, subcontractors, and general project teams. Communicating with multiple stakeholders or making decisions can be difficult if one is only familiar with their subsection of a large-scale project.

Enhanced Progress Reports offers a quick, easy, comprehensive deliverable to solve such issues. Showing the progress of a project in just a few clicks keeps members of various teams informed and builds trust with owners. As a general contractor, this is of the utmost importance to ensure continuity and create repeat clients.

Sharing Progress

Manually inspecting assets and surveying sites is a time-consuming task. Using a drone expedites these operations, and utilizing Enhanced Progress Reports cleans up the documentation process afterward. Before this feature, our customers spent multiple hours a week generating progress reports with different aerial media types.

Now, these are automatically created in-app and shared with individuals who don’t use or are unfamiliar with DroneDeploy. In the public sector, owners of a project may be government entities unversed in the trade language. Enhanced Progress Reports serve what organizations need in an easily digestible format that tells the story of a project in its entirety, versus a single map or model.

Enhanced Progress Reports offer a customizable, quick solution to project documentation. Because of the ease of use, sending regular updates to stakeholders is a breeze. Plus, users can rest assured that they’re receiving the full scope of a project.

If you need additional assistance, check out our support documentation for Enhanced Progress Reports. To learn more about drones in construction, download our eBook on site planning, or watch our webinar on leveraging drone technology.

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