Get Drone Data Without Ever Flying a Drone

January 29, 2021

While commercial drone sales will have doubled from 2020 to 2025, there remain significant barriers to entry for the average drone user. Obtaining your Part 107 license, buying the best hardware for your needs, and acquiring flight approval from the FAA can all be daunting for the amateur drone pilot. For those that need guidance, or have no desire to fly a drone, there’s DroneDeploy Flight Services.

Flight Services offer DroneDeploy customers with little to no experience in the drone world the opportunity to utilize drone data throughout their organization. If you’re concerned about learning the intricacies of drone technology, choosing hardware, and the like, this service is for you. Read on to discover how to order drone flights on-demand, and the business-changing benefits our customers are seeing.

A diagram of how Flight Services work.
Build your drone program right, from day one.

Order Drone Flights On-Demand

When you utilize Flight Services, we go beyond just flight; we simplify operations. Whether performing automatic roof inspections, weekly construction site flyovers, automated stand count collections, or an on-demand service for any of the thousands of use-cases enabled by our software, each mission is safe, accurate, and unprecedentedly detailed.

Flight Services quickly and easily offers drone flights for any DroneDeploy customer. After telling us where you want to fly, we take care of the rest. Once approved, we share your mission with a trained and vetted DroneDeploy-Certified pilot from our network. The Pilot flies, captures, and uploads the data precisely as you specified. We then upload and process the information automatically into your account within a few hours.

Construction workers on a landscaping project in Florida.
Juniper Landscaping uses Flight Services on every project.

Automatic, Intangible Benefits of Clear Drone Data

While focusing on more immediate tasks, Flight Services provides you with the drone insights you need to make better-informed decisions in the field. Our customers love the ease-of-use when ordering flights, and the simplified data-sharing that comes afterward. One repeat user, Juniper Landscaping, orders flights on every project. “We want our workers to be doing their job, not training them on drone technology,” John Dougherty, Vice President of Maintenance Sales, says. With the information already in their DroneDeploy account, users like Juniper Landscaping can immediately take advantage of DroneDeploy’s sophisticated reporting.

For companies with an array of assets in their portfolio, utilizing Flight Services ensures that all data received is collected in a standardized, uniform way. Instead of negotiating with various contractors across multiple states, users can rely on DroneDeploy’s pilots and collection methods. Plus, these processes are often less expensive than traditional manpower - our pilots lay down ground control points, import data, and tag projects.

Professional Services: Consulting, Training, and More

We know that unlike utilizing our software, the learning curve required to fly a drone is substantial. The significant regulatory burdens, the mass amount of hardware, and the ever-changing FAA regulations present tremendous challenges to those just getting started. DroneDeploy’s Professional Services, the overlying body of Flight Services, makes this process simple with consulting and training offerings tailored to your organization.

With an unbiased viewpoint, we’ll analyze your drone program, research optimal solutions, and offer recommendations on flight patterns, operations, and more.

Interested in learning more about Flight Services? Download our free webinar, “Ask the Experts LIVE,” or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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