Construction Imperative: Minimize Rework with Aerial & Ground-Based Data

November 18, 2020

Construction projects are a delicate operation: project managers must ensure contractors and subsequent subcontractors are paid accurately for their work, keep track of shifting building plans and timelines, and, perhaps most importantly, guarantee that the project is completed on time and on-budget. With a host of competing priorities and minute details of which to be aware, it’s no wonder that some tasks fall through the cracks. Usually, small fixes are solved in a matter of days, but the larger a problem, the higher the probability of necessary rework time. Not only is rework time-consuming – frequently extending project lifecycles by months – it’s also inherently expensive – sometimes costing millions of dollars.

According to a recent report in the Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, around 30% of work performed by construction companies is actually just rework. Even more upsetting, the Moscow Technological Institute states that rework is often valued at 5% of the contract’s value – a substantial and staggering figure. So this begs the question: what can be done to remedy this? By providing one streamlined platform to verify project progress, document site issues, and keep all stakeholders informed, we believe drone data will eliminate rework altogether. Below, you’ll see how DroneDeploy uses visual data to optimize construction operations and assist cross-functional communication.

A Streamlined Workflow: Overlay As-Planned to As-Built

One construction-specific tool helpful for those in the industry is DroneDeploy’s Project Design Plan (CAD) Overlays. Here, workers can import, overlay, and view design plans directly over their flight maps. With a side-by-side record of progress done, costly mistakes can be caught early, avoiding rework altogether. Virtual Design and Construction (“VDC”) Managers use this feature most frequently to compare CAD drawings to a project’s latest drone map, allowing the user to monitor grading vs. elevation, conduct route plans, and pinpoint safety concerns at the beginning of a project. We typically see our customers fly routinely throughout a project’s lifecycle so that VDCs and other stakeholders can continually check as-planned to as-built designs.

DroneDeploy's annotations toolbox.
DroneDeploy's annotation tool allow users to create notes and tag problems in-app.

Document and Share Site Issues

Streamlined inspection workflows make documenting and sharing site issues simple. After DroneDeploy processes flight imagery, workers can annotate and tag problems directly on the map, using a variety of tools available in-app. Location Marker identifies the location’s latitude and longitude. Elevation controls provide data when an area of interest is selected. Features to measure distance, surface area, volume, and more are also available. Note that annotations can also be made on 3D maps and models.

Regardless of the selected tool, commenting is always possible to detail problem areas, write notes, and share progress. With @mention, users can tag specific individuals and assign them to project tasks, enhancing overall visibility. These features ensure that all stakeholders are aligned on site advancements, no matter the stage. For those requiring even further organization, especially for larger projects, these notes can be filed into folders, color-coded, and shared publicly or privately.

DroneDeploy's earthworks tools.
Measure stockpiles and other earthworks with DroneDeploy's tools.

Accurate Earthwork Measurements and As-Builts

We strongly believe in verifying project work, as the tools mentioned above make this process as simple as clicking a few buttons. With various contractors and subcontractors to track, DroneDeploy’s standardized platform provides one visual record of proof. Because of the heightened visibility drone data supplies, job sites enjoy a greater culture of accountability and reduce the risk of overrun projects.

Earlier Resolutions Prevent Later Rework

It’s clear that rework presents a growing threat to construction operations today. Not only does it drain time, profitability, and productivity on construction sites, but it can also reduce credibility for your organization moving forward. Rather than experience these issues firsthand, DroneDeploy allows construction companies to identify problems from the start. Why spend extra time and money on rework costs and additional labor when you don’t have to? Easy documentation sharing and one-click work verification leave no excuse for these issues remaining unresolved.

If you’re interested in leveraging drone data in your construction operations, read our customer success story on top 25 ENR construction firm Brasfield & Gorrie, or watch our webinar on utilizing drone technology on your job sites.

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