Why is Manual Flight Important?

December 6, 2019

While DroneDeploy is known for providing the best-in-class flight autonomy software, we also realize workers across a variety of industries need the ability to fly their drones with custom controls. Using DroneDeploy’s Manual Flight, you can take full and complete control of your drone all without ever leaving the app.

This level of customization allows for greater flexibility when flying, such as lower altitude inspections and taking supplemental photos – providing you with the best possible model of your work site.


Planning Your Missions

Along with custom shots of your site, performing missions in Manual Flight also allows you to fly in and out of tight spaces without worry. Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge how tall a building is or how far off the ground a flare stack appears to be.

With Manual Flight, you can scope areas and check altitudes to build into your autonomous mission settings. This means you can take your drone to a building’s apex, log the building’s height, and ensure you fly at the proper altitude to get the most enhanced 3D model without ever putting your drone at risk.

This is also especially important for thin, vertical structures such as wind turbines, power poles and lines, and the aforementioned flare stacks, as it can sometimes be difficult for drone sensors to detect these types of constructs.


Performing Inspections

Manual Flight even allows you to take control during an autonomous mission, allowing for greater flexibility and improved inspection reports. In order to do this, all you have to do is pause your mission and take control of the drone with the controller.

From there, you can conduct inspections at different altitudes by using different manual modes such as video, photo, or panoramas. When you’re finished, it’s easy to resume the autonomous flight and complete your mission.


Giving You Greater Control

The greater the control you have on your job site, the better information you can glean. Along with the flexibility outlined above, Manual Flight also gives you control in order to:

  • Comply with safety and airspace requirements
  • See real-time location and trajectory
  • Check signal strength and connectivity.

Our sophisticated app enables you to perform the most comprehensive autonomous flights, but with Manual Flight, you can gather more detailed data and gain greater insights into what is (and isn’t) working on your sites.

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