10 More Sessions You Have to Attend at DroneDeploy Conference

October 8, 2020

Yesterday, we posted a sneak peek of 10 exciting sessions at DroneDeploy Conference 2020. With the event less than one week away, we’re highlighting ten more must-see panels attendees will enjoy on the second day of the conference, October 14th. Remember, there’s still time to register for DDC ’20 at the link here.

A construction worker uses Boston Dynamics' SPOT robot.

Automating Your Job Site

Start the day off strong with our keynote session! Join our Co-Founders Jono Millin and Nick Pilkington in a conversation with Boston Dynamics’ Construction Technology Manager, Brian Ringley, as they discuss the future of mobile robots in complex environments. Later, they’ll be joined by Brasfield & Gorrie’s Innovation & Operational Techs Hunter Cole and Jake Lovelace, who are currently using Boston Dynamics’ Spot on their construction sites. Receive a firsthand account of how this ENR 400 construction company uses DroneDeploy software to conduct daily walkthroughs, record issues, and thoroughly document projects.

Keynote: The Future is Here - Automation on Your Job Site,” October 14th, 2020 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM PDT

Streamlining Inspections

Listen as Jacques Wagner, thermography expert and GM at Centre de Thermographie du Canada, guides attendees through creating their own 2D and 3D maps and models. Our Enterprise Solutions Engineer, Josh Voelker, and Enterprise Support Specialist, Lindsey Huffman, will run through the Inspection Workflow and detail how to annotate problems and resolve issues across teams. This is a great workshop for those interested in large-scale collaboration or vertical inspection. A live Q & A will immediately follow this session.

Streamlining Inspections in 2D, 3D & Vertical,” October 14, 2020 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM PDT

PlanGrid's CEO Tracy Young is speaking at DroneDeploy Conference 2020.

Solving the Right Problems with Technology

Technology has opened up mass opportunities to solve problems, but how do you pick the right issues to solve? Tracy Young, Co-Founder at PlanGrid, shares her insights with DroneDeploy’s CFO M.G. Thibaut. In this 20-minute session, the panelists discuss the importance of ROI, executive sponsorships, and industry automation. This is a can’t-miss panel for executives.

Executive Viewpoint: How to Solve the Right Problems with Technology,” October 14th, 2020 10:40 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Measuring with Earthworks

Construction and mining professionals will benefit from this 30-minute information session run by DroneDeploy’s Solutions Engineers Parker Deuel and Christine Lan. Here, you’ll receive a deep dive into earthworks and learn how to visualize site grade through volume, area, and elevation calculations. Attendees will leave with the confidence and knowledge to accurately utilize DroneDeploy’s cut/fill analysis. Lindsey Huffman, Enterprise Support Specialist at DroneDeploy, is also on hand to answer questions in the Live Q & A session immediately following.

Measuring Groundbreaking Decision with Earthworks,” October 14th, 2020 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

Sunrun workers preparing to install solar panels.

Digital Transformation in Renewables

In this session, we discuss a hot topic: the future of renewables within the energy sector. Learn how our panelists are embracing new technology through every stage of their operations. Speakers include solar innovators Emily Ineman, Senior Project Manager at Sunrun, and Sam Marking, Project Manager at Invenergy. This panel is moderated by Brooks Allwardt, Enterprise Services Manager at DroneDeploy.

Digital Transformation in the Renewable Industry,” October 14th, 2020 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

Transforming Drone Programs

A follow-up to one of our most popular webinars, this session is helpful for those interested in starting or growing their internal drone program. Gain firsthand insight from Jon Ferguson, Corporate Manager of Visualization, and Austin Lay, Visualization Coordinator at Layton Construction, on how they scaled their drone program to meet operational needs. Learn how to maximize ROI and get the most value out of your company-wide drone program. Moderated by Andrew Remis, Customer Success Manager at DroneDeploy.

Transforming Drone Programs from Cost Centers to Profit Centers,” October 14th, 2020 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

A construction worker flies a Skydio drone on their job site.

The Future of Hardware

This panel is packed with industry leaders from the most innovative drone hardware companies in the world, who will share how they envision your job sites changing with new technologies. Safety, efficiency, and automation are top priorities. The full list of speakers includes David Benowitz, Head of Research at Drone Analyst, Trent Casi, Key Account Executive at Wingtra, Cynthia Huang, Director of Business Development at DJI, Dr. Tessa Lau, CEO of Dusty Robotics, Brian Richman, Enterprise Product Manager at Skydio, Brain Ringley, Construction Technology Manager at Boston Dynamics, and Douglas Spotted Eagle, Consultant at Autel Robotics. This session is moderated by Nick Pilkington, CTO and Co-Founder of DroneDeploy.

The Future of Hardware and What It Can Do For Your Business,” October 14th, 2020 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PDT

Insights for Every Season

Agriculture professionals, this session is for you. This in-depth look into our product reveals how to leverage drone-based plant health analysis throughout the growing season. These insights aid in stand counts, fertility treatments, product trials, and more. Led by Kyle Miller, farming veteran and Solutions Engineer at DroneDeploy, with Stephanie Ly, Global Product Support Manager.

Insights Across Every Season,” October 14, 2020 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM PDT

A drone flies over NSW National Parks.

Leveraging Drone Data

Learn how Australian emergency response professionals answer the growing threat of wildfires, including the devastating 2019-2020 bush fires season. With insights gleaned from drone technology, these speakers discuss how they fight active fires and take preventative measures against these risks. For this session, panelists are Richard Adams, National Director of Disaster Relief Teams at Disaster Relief Australia, and Gareth Pickford, Chief Remote Pilot at NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Moderated by Kayhan Karimi, APAC Account Executive at DroneDeploy. (Please note that this session is optimized for the Asia-Pacific region).

Leveraging Drone Data for Disaster Management,” October 14th, 2020 6:15 PM - 6:45 PM PDT

Overcoming Ethical Challenges

CSIRO, Australia’s premier national science research agency, seeks to combat threats to Australia’s biodiversity with innovations in technology. Learn how Dr. Justin Perry, Research Scientist, quantifies success with drone data and applies these insights to their operations. This discussion is moderated by Adam Savage, GM APAC at DroneDeploy. (Please note that this session is optimized for the Asia-Pacific region).

Overcoming Operational & Ethical Challenges with Drone Data,” October 14th, 2020 7:00 - 7:30 PM PDT

We’re looking forward to seeing you at DroneDeploy Conference 2020. Interested in attending multiple sessions at the same time? No, we don't have a time machine, but all panels will be available online for up to one year after the conference date. For the program’s full agenda, click here.

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