Optelos Drone Work Advisor

Optelos Drone Work Advisor

Seamlessly transfer DroneDeploy data to your Optelos Drone Work Advisor account. The Optelos App for DroneDeploy lets you securely sync your images and layers directly from DroneDeploy to your Optelos Drone Work Advisor project.

You can export images, Orthomosaic, PointCloud, Elevation, and NDVI layers from DroneDeploy directly into your Optelos project where you can easily organize, analyze, annotate, and deliver completed work packages to your clients and stakeholders.


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How to use this app:
  1. Once the Optelos App is installed on your DroneDeploy account, select a DroneDeploy plan you want to sync with Optelos Drone Work Advisor
  2. On the main DroneDeploy project plan viewer screen, log into the Optelos Drone Work Advisor application with your Optelos account credentials
  3. Important: you need to first execute a native DroneDeploy export with the specific resolution, map projection, and file type that you’d like. Once that export is complete, it will be listed in “Layer” area in the Optelos App
  4. Select Images and(or) Layers you want to export to Optelos
  5. Next, select if you want to export into an existing Optelos work package or create a new work package
  6. Click on Export button once you are ready to start the export process. This will transfer your select DroneDeploy Images and Layers to Optelos Drone Work Advisor account
  7. You will receive an e-mail once all the files have been transferred to your Optelos Drone Work Advisor project.
  8. Note that Optelos Drone Work Advisor performs additional post processing of the DroneDeploy data which may take some time depending on quantity and size of your data

To use this app, you first need to create an Optelos account at https://droneworkadvisor.com/dc/registration

For additional information contact us directly at info@optelos.com