Quick Map Overlays

Quick Map Overlays

Easily overlay roads, terrain info, waterways, buildings, US PLSS TRS data, and more on your maps to enhance location awareness and add an extra layer of data on your maps.


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** UPDATED 08/2017 to include U.S. PLSS TRS information, useful for agriculture **

In DroneDeploy, drone orthomosaics and elevation models will often cover the satellite base layer below, making it unreadable. Quick Map Overlays allows you to toggle on different layers of data to be overlaid on top of your drone maps.

You can visualize street names and intersections, roads, highways, terrain data, waterways, railroads, and more.

One of the most useful ways to use this app is to find a road intersection at a specific point by flipping on the “Labels” toggle.

How to use this app:
    Once you have the Quick Map Overlays app installed on your DroneDeploy account, go to the map viewer screen.

    As you’re viewing a map, open the Quick Map Overlays app.

    Choose which toggles you want to display and overlay on top of your map.

    Experiment with different ones to get the result you want!