Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to fly this UAV?

Flying your UAV to make decisions around the farm is considered a commercial use. In the United States, the FAA requires that persons operating drones for commercial use obtain a remote pilot certificate under the Part 107 regulation. Study for and register to take the knowledge test to obtain your certificate here. In Canada, you will need either an Exemption or a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). You can apply for either here.

Do I need to register my drone?

If you are flying in the U.S., you do need to register your drone. Just fill out the brief form here and the FAA will send you a unique ID number for your drone. Then make sure to display this ID number on the drone itself. For more information about regulation in Canada, refer to the Transport Canada website.

Do I need a smart phone or tablet to operate the drone?

You will need either a smart phone or tablet to automate flight using the DroneDeploy app. A list of compatible smart phone and tablet models can be found here.

Does this solution fully replace the need for crop scouting?

Drone data solutions are currently not capable of diagnosing why there are problem areas in the field. Instead, this solution helps pinpoint where crop scouts should find an area of interest in the field, helping to save time and make scouting more efficient.