Meet the DroneDeploy Team

At DroneDeploy, we’re a team of artists and engineers passionate about making the sky accessible and productive for anyone. We think drones are an integral part of the future of knowledge, and we’re creating the software to make that possible.

Mike Winn

CEO - Co-Founder

Nicholas Pilkington

CTO - Co-Founder

Jono Millin

CPO - Co-Founder

Meghan Strauss

People & Business Ops Manager

Manu Sharma

Product Manager

Chase Gray

Lead Front-End Engineer

Daniel Rasmuson

Front-End Engineer

Chris Sullivan

Aerospace Engineer

Luis Morales

Site Reliability Engineer

Dillon McEwan

Drone Software Engineer

Jeremy Eastwood

Mapping Technical Lead

Joe Templeman

Platform Engineer

Joe Schneider

SRE / DevOps

Alex Hagiopol

Engineering Intern

Nikki Gantos

Engineering Intern

Giovanni Valdenegro

UI / UX Designer

Darr Gerscovich

SVP of Marketing

Anya Lamb

Marketing Manager

Brendan Playford

Demand Generation Lead

Mike White

Customer Success Lead

Neema Rashidee

Customer Success

Zach Gustafson

GIS Analyst

Kaylee Fagan

Office Assistant

Brandon O'Sullivan

VP of Sales

Ian Smith

Channel Partnerships

Samantha Salis

Senior SDR

Conor Murphy