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Follow these steps to order a customer account with DroneDeploy and process the payment yourself.

1. Use our Direct Payment Method

2. Enter the details

Just fill out the form with appropriate details and give 24 hours for us to send an invite link to the customer to create an account.

Reseller Membership Form

3. Renew your customers

To renew a customer, complete the form for the appropriate plan using the customer's information just as you would when signing them up for the first time. The new plan will be automatically applied and the customer's account extended. 

Please note that the customer can renew with a different plan than the one they original purchased, but that they cannot change plans within the subscription period once they have renewed. 

⚠ Make sure to use the correct email when renewing customers

When the renewed customer's account is updated to reflect the renewal, the email address entered in the form will be used to make sure the renewal is applied to the correct existing account. Please be sure to double-check that the same email is used during renewal as was used during signup. If not, a new account will be created for the customer.