DroneDeploy helps you create a digital record of your entire property portfolio. Through maps, models, and photos you can ensure facility grounds are properly maintained and prioritize repairs using automatic detection and measurements.

Roof Inspections 

  • Automatically detect and classify a variety of roof defects using an aerial map
  • Get accurate roof measurements in a standardized report 
  • Analyze thermal imaging to identify and correct roof penetrations and leaks 

Interior Property Inspection

  • Virtually walk through your properties to conduct interior inspections 
  • Upload and process 360 videos and photos from any 360 camera
  • View each 360 panorama and create issue tags where needed
  • View a timeline of your 360 videos or photos

Pavement Inspections 

  • Automatically detect, measure, and analyze concrete or asphalt defects 
  • Determine degradation timelines and prioritize repairs using PCIs (Pavement Condition Indices) 
  • Generate accurate cost estimates for repairs without the need for costly, time-consuming ground survey

Exteriors Property Inspections & Maintenance

  • Vertical Flight and the DroneDeploy inspection workflow allow you to inspect structural elements such as windows and building envelopes from the safety of the ground
  • Aerial maps allow you to quickly assess the location and condition of landscaping elements and direct additional resources as needed 
  • Create visual documentation for insurance purposes, if any issues arise you have visual data time-stamped to help in your claim

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