Automating Solar Farm Inspections with Robots

Send robots and rovers equipped with cameras and thermal sensors to inspect solar farms and detect maintenance issues early.

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All-in-one solar farm drone inspections

Ground robotics serves as a powerful new tool for inspecting solar farms. Robots can withstand hot, harsh and wet conditions to efficiently inspect sites. Equipped with 360 cameras, PTZ cameras and thermal imaging sensors, these unmanned ground vehicles can inspect a variety of aspects of your solar energy farm autonomously.

With DroneDeploy, you can send rovers on autonomous solar inspection missions to capture 360 walkthroughs, detect maintenance issues or malfunctioning panels, and upload data to the cloud automatically. You can also utilize drones to perform aerial inspections of your site. As a result, you'll be able to get a full visual of your solar farm without ever having to perform manual inspections.

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Automate inspections
Inspect solar fields without setting foot on site

Combine data
Seamlessly combine data from the air and ground

Detect issues
Quickly find maintenance issues or broken solar panels

Save time & money

Reduce solar power plant inspection times from hours to minutes

Multiple sensors
Equip robots with multiple sensors & thermal cameras

Improve safety
Less need for workers on site in harsh conditions

Ground robot overlayed against solar farm with imagery of inspection software

All your reality capture data in one place

  • Perform autonomous solar farm scans without operators on-site
  • Geotag and assign solar maintenance issues to engineers
  • Detect issues with panels early, before warranties expire
  • Keep solar asset management systems up-to-date
  • Carry multiple payloads including 360, PTZ, and thermal 
  • Capture high-resolution and consistent data on assets
  • Easily share reports on asset condition with stakeholders
  • Save time by reducing the need for manual inspections
  • Activate robots and sensors from anywhere to investigate issues
  • Have a single operator monitoring multiple people and sites
  • Improve safety by keeping workers out of harsh conditions
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The future of solar is here

Robots from OnSight are remotely teleoperated so that you can seamlessly scale your site while delivering on, and even surpassing, the highest of expectations from owners and operators. With OnSight powered by DroneDeploy, you have 24/7 access to meaningful, real-time data whenever and wherever you need it, giving you a competitive edge with reliable Operations and Maintenance (O&M) resources.

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Ground robot inspecting solar farm
Insight ground robotic rover

Robots are transforming the solar industry

​​The solar and renewable energy industry is booming worldwide. However, the sector also faces unique challenges - including the rising cost of construction, shortages of key components, and the difficulty of conducting inspections in hot, harsh, or wet climates. Read our eBook to learn how ground robots are helping commercial solar energy production companies to drive down costs and overcome their maintenance and operational challenges.

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