Get started mapping with DroneDeploy. In this live training with Neema Rashidee, Customer Success Manager, you will learn everything you need to get started and successfully fly, map, and analyze your drone data with DroneDeploy. This training will include:

  • An introduction to DroneDeploy and the ecosystem: the app market, & common use cases for construction, agriculture, and mining
  • Getting started with drone mapping: flying legally, purchasing hardware and software solutions, training, insurance and compliance, & setting up and scaling your UAV team
  • Flying with DroneDeploy: flight planning, when to fly, how to fly, & tips for making better maps
  • Live demo: the basics of the DroneDeploy app, making a flight map, the interface for looking at data, overlays and the annotation toolbox, sharing, & rating your map's quality
  • Best practices: 3D modeling, accuracy and Ground Control Points
  • New features: progress reports, PDF exports, and elevation calibration
  • Live Q&A—get your questions ready!

All times listed in Pacific Time.