Estimators face new and diverse challenges daily. Technical obstacles range from BIM and other software trends to a lack of standards facing the estimating industry. Other trials include soft-skill challenges ranging from professional team development, practical business presentation skills, and maximizing productivity and efficiency in an ever-chaotic workday, all while developing your successor. The goal of ASPE is to equip estimators with the skills, knowledge, and tools to face and master these very challenges. 

Having identified experts in these fields and beyond who will offer insight and practical implementation tips to support and enhance an estimator’s skillset, we invite you to join us in Pittsburgh for an exciting and engaging Summit!

Speaking Session by Project Manager, Andy Putch

2:00PM - 2:30PM | Drones: The Essential Tool For Estimators

Drones are quickly becoming the go-to tool for capturing site intelligence during the construction estimation process. Today's drone software is improving workflows, increasing safety, and boosting efficiency on the job site—all while delivering higher quality data in the form of drone maps and 3D models. Join Andy Putch, Product Manager of DroneDeploy—the leading software platform for commercial drones—as he shares his experience helping estimators around the world put drones to work.