DroneDeploy allows you to pilot the way they’re supposed to. With DroneDeploy Mission you can link your objectives so your flights go completely uninterrupted. From panoramas, to videos, to maps, sequence all of your operations, all in one flight, on one battery.

One Mission, Multiple Plans

  • Autonomously capture photo reports, videos, panoramas, and mapping data in a single Mission 
  • Maximize the efficiency of the drone’s time in the air without needing to land it between flight plans

Maximum Flexibility

  • Pause a Mission, switch to manual mode, adjust altitude, then resume the Mission to capture critical pieces of data 
  • Plan your Mission from the ground, then add additional flight plans mid-flight if needed

Easy Uploads

  • Say goodbye to SD cards, automatically upload all the media from your Mission using your mobile device
  • Support for fast WiFi and background cellular uploads allows your team to have access to processed datasets before you even get back to the office