Real-time Mapping is Here

Introducing the Fieldscanner Beta. Create a map as the drone flies so you can take action before it lands.

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See the Big Picture, Instantly

Find variability with birds-eye-view of your field, produced in an instant on your iOS device

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    Simplest Process Yet

    Plan a flight, take off and see your map. No laptop required.

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    Reduce Crop Loss

    Create and view your Fieldscan without cellular connection.

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    In-Field Analysis

    Locate problems, ground-truth and pin notes to your Fieldscan.

Real-time data directly from your drone right to the tailgate of your truck while the drone is inflight. It’s so easy, anyone can use it — Fieldscanner just made a drone the ultimate scouting tool!

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A Fast & Flexible Crop Intelligence Solution

In-field data, for in-field decisions

In just a few simple steps, use Fieldscanner to get a quick view of your crops while you're in the field.

Select the area you want to map

Tap to initiate flight checks, then take off

Drone generates Fieldscan as it flies

View Fieldscan map and take action

crop scout ground-truthing software
iPad instant drone mapping annotation
iPad instant drone mapping annotation

The power for further investigation

Find something you need to investigate further? Use images captured in flight to create a high resolution 3D map for deeper analysis or export.

Take SD card out of the drone

Upload images to DroneDeploy

Wait for map and 3D model processing to complete

Access, analyze and share high resolution maps and 3D models on any device

crop scout ground-truthing software

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Fieldscanner Beta?

The Fieldscanner beta is an experimental new tool, and is being rolled out gradually over the weeks following April 18th. To try the Fieldscanner beta, either sign up for DroneDeploy and wait for us to notify you that Fieldscanner is available, or fill out our beta application form to request earlier access. Once Fieldscanner has been enabled in your account, you will see a “Fieldscanner” toggle on the flight planning screen.

Is Fieldscanner compatible with my drone and mobile device?

At this time, Fieldscanner is compatible with all iOS devices and most DJI drones Phantom 3 Advanced/Pro and above. For best results, we strongly recommend newer DJI drones (Mavic, P4Pro, Inspire 2, Matrice 200), and newer iOS devices (including iPhone 6, iPad Air2, iPad Mini 4). Unfortunately, Fieldscanner will not be supported on Android devices this growing season.

Do I need to be a paid customer to try Fieldscanner?

Once the full beta roll-out is complete, all paid plans will include Fieldscanner and new users will be able to access Fieldscanner as part of their 30-day free trial. Fieldscanner will not be available on the free plan of DroneDeploy.

What analysis tools can be used with a Fieldscan?

A Fieldscan is a 2D map, so analysis tools like volume measurement that require elevation data will not work unless you upload flight imagery to process a regular high-resolution map. All other analysis tools are available when viewing the Fieldscan on a connected device, but are not accessible when viewing the Fieldscan offline.

Will I need to refly to process a high-resolution map or capture a full 3D Model?

No! Fieldscanner does not interfere with your normal mapping workflow. You will still capture images during flight that you can upload to DroneDeploy to create high-res maps and 3D models.