Next Generation Features for Aerial Mapping

Complex Data Collection. Simplified.

Orthomosaic drone map


Georeferenced, orthorectified maps.

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Topography map

Terrain models

Accurate topographic modeling, with DSMs.

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NDVI map sample

NDVI analysis

Simple crop health visualisations with 5 algorithms.

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Orthomosaic drone map

3D models

Detailed, accurate 3D models and point clouds.

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Instant Analysis. Because Business Won't Wait.

  • NDVI analysis

    Find problems, quantify damage and estimate yields.

  • Map cropping

    Crop your maps precisely with our tools.

  • Measurement

    Measure exact distance, area and volume with ease.

  • Annotations

    Assign todo’s, take notes and attach photos.

Map Data processing image

Map Data. Processed In a Flash.

Get data outputs in within hours by using our bank of dedicated supercomputers. DroneDeploy can scale with your business, processing as many concurrent jobs as your business needs.

1000 km of highway mapped. Read the case study ›

Export. Data in your Format.

DroneDeploy's flexible Export Engine enables you to generate the data you need, in the format, projection and resolution you require for compatibility with your existing solutions.

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Image of 3D, Histogram and Orthomosaics

Safety. Monitor Flight Activity.

DroneDeploy runs pre-flight and in-flight checks to ensure that your vehicle is safe to fly before take off—and can take corrective action if needed. Once your flight is complete, easily access detailed flight logs to monitor drone activities for compliance, insurance and fleet maintenance.

A Network of Mapping Professionals

Learn from other mappers and connect with prospective clients on our Drone Mapping Directory. Whether you’re a pilot looking to showcase your work and grow your client base, or a business looking to hire drone services, use our Drone Mapping Directory to find your next partner.