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Rocos wins 2021 RBR50 Award

Mon Jun 21 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

New Zealand company Rocos has been named a winner in the 2021 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards

Published by Robotics Business Review, the global awards celebrate robotics and automation organizations responsible for technology, business, and market innovations. The awards have run since 2012, and are seen as a leading indicator of robotics innovation and leadership.

Rocos generally released its cloud-based robotic management platform in 2020. Rocos was a winner in the Product Introduction category, which celebrates new commercial robotics solutions that have the potential to positively impact markets or the robotics sector as a whole.

“We’re honoured to be recognized as one of the RBR Top 50 robotics companies in the world,” said David Inggs, CEO and Co-Founder of Rocos. “It’s a great acknowledgement of how hard our team has worked to bring Rocos to market and the strength of our product. We’re passionate about accelerating the use of robotics technology and elevating what humanity is capable of.”

Today’s autonomous robots can be used to perform all kinds of tasks, from remote inspections to harvesting crops. With Rocos, enterprises in a wide range of industries - including energy, utilities, construction, mining, marine and agriculture - can harness the power of robots through a centralized control platform.

The Rocos platform allows businesses to connect fleets of heterogeneous robots, monitor crucial telemetry streams, and build workflows so that robots can perform missions autonomously - minimizing the need for human intervention. 

“Rocos is bridging the gap between robot manufacturers and enterprise robotic users to enable the unified management of heterogeneous fleets of robots […] In addition, Rocos can be leveraged by any specific robot vendor who needs to deliver robots-as-a-service (RaaS) functionality, without the need to develop the supervisory RaaS functions from scratch,” said Mike Oitzman, Author at Robotics Business Review.

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