Fly my Map

Fly my Map

If you don’t have a drone, a Part 107 certificate, or simply can’t map an area yourself, the Fly my Map app will let you easily get your map flown by a professional in the area. You will receive bids by different drone operators and can select the one you prefer most.

How to use this app:

  • Once you have the app installed to your DroneDeploy account, go to the flight planning screen to identify the area you’d like mapped
  • On the flight planning screen, place the polygon over the entire area you’d like mapped
  • Once you’re satisfied with the area, open the Fly my Map app and click “Get Quotes”
  • You’ll see how many nearby providers there are near your area to be mapped, these providers come from the DroneDeploy Drone Mapping Directory and will be notified of your request
  • The providers will reply to the notification with further questions or pricing proposals
  • You can come back to the Fly my Map app on DroneDeploy at any time to see the list of drone service providers who are bidding on your job
  • You’ll settle your price directly with the drone operator that you choose


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