SST agX Field Import

SST agX Field Import

The agX Field Import app is for DroneDeploy users who have an agX account. You can use this app to easily sync your field boundaries from agX into DroneDeploy. This allows you to quickly make flight plans for all of your fields without any extra work.

How to use this app:

  • Once the agX Field Import app is installed on your DroneDeploy account, go to the flight planning screen in DroneDeploy
  • Open the agX Field Import app and click “Sign in”
  • A new window will pop up and let you sign into agX with your account credentials
  • Ensure you are not blocking pop-ups in your web browser!
  • Once signed in and authenticated, you will then be able to import any of your field boundaries into DroneDeploy to automatically generate a drone flight plan
  • Select the applicable “Grower”, “Farm”, and “Field Boundary”
  • After importing your field boundary, the flight plan will update, and you can then go out and fly your drone and map your field with this saved flight plan!


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